Welcome to My Site

I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney with over 18yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My private studio close to the Sydney CBD.

I'm also a BDSM Educator, performer and member of the international leather community.


I'm in the fetish editions of Australian Penthouse, speak on Triple J's "The Hook Up", feature on ABC TV on "You Can't Ask That". I'm the Australian Adult Industry Award Winner "Best for Fantasy and Fetish" in 2017.


Please note PHONE is My preferred form of contact, both for expediency and qualitative interaction.


+61 420 879 204

Email: themistress@


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Taking some time off for family matters...

Hi A/all!

Wondering why I'm a bit quiet online at the moment? No Tweets, no Facebook, no new nothing?

Since Monday 16th August, I've been called interstate for urgent family matters. As many of you know, I'm still answering My phone between the hours of 10am and 9pm AEST but I am a little less available than normal

Never fear, I will be back in Sydney and available for sessions from Wednesday the 25th August!

See you all then for more rubber fun! Meanwhile, you all can enjoy the new shots of Me in Bootlovers.com number 69! ;)




I'm in Bootlovers.com again! No #69 - see My 12" Heels!

Hi A/all!


The new Bootlovers.com is finally online! Edition 69# features yours truly yet again - in TWO pairs of My favourite and decidedly most extreme boots!


This edition features My 12" heeled 7" platform, black patent leather crotch boots AND My custom made, black patent leather, lace-up crotch high ballets - wearing My own rubber and tightlaced in leather of course! Phew - what to wear!


Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com


This time what I've done for Bootlovers is a bit more special - TWO galleries for each of these amazing boots, instead of My regular offering of only one...


In the first gallery I'm shot on site at Soul Focus Studio by the fantastic Luke Messerer. It's here we developed the great rubber shoot newest to My website with the 12" heeled boots! We also shot a softer sweeter shoot more burlesque in style with My ballet boots too!


The second shoot for each pair was done by DJ himself from Bootlovers.com on his most recent trip to Austalia! Naturally, I had to wear yet more different rubber outfits though... What more could you want?!


If you want to check out the rest of My Bootlovers.com galleries, go get them here...


I hope you all enjoy the view and I'll see you all a new shoot again sooner... ;)


Best - in boots yet again!




I'm now writing for Tony Mitchell's The Fetishistas.com!

I've just finished My first article for Tony Mitchell's The Fetishistas.com about Sydney's own Lucas Messerer from SoulFocusStudio.net!

Read it here!

Mistress Tokyo covers Soul Focus Studio for The Fetishistas.com

I'm very excited to announce something I've been keeping under My hood, ah.. "hat" for a couple of weeks now...


Last month internationally renound fetish journalist Tony Mitchell, editor previous of Skin Two for 20 years plus and creator of TheFetishistas.com asked Me to be his Australian corresspondant.


(Woooooooooot! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D )


Regardless of My having no journalistic experience and with only My occasionally blithe Tweets to go on, Tony still seemed resolute in his decision to ask Me to contribute. I am truly flattered and really excited to be asked to report for his UK-based web magazine TheFetishistas.com - a very popular and well recognized monthly kink publication!


Tony has asked Me to cover prominent people Australia-wide, focussing initially on photographers and artists! My first contribution is on Lucas Messerer, the artistic force behind Sydney's remarkable and prolific SoulFocusStudio.net. There's a link to My article on him if you mouse over the cover of The Fetishistas above - tell Me what you think!


I'm really flattered and honoured to be able to do My part for furthering the Australian scene internationally. I think that Aussies have been suffering from a "grass is greener" attitude for too long and that Kinksters OS don't know what they are missing! I'll do My very best to draw the international eye "down under" to our flourishing scene!


Feeling pretty shiny right now..! ;)




Shots of My rubber session with Jean Bardot! Shh!

A few months ago I mentioned a special visitor I was expecting at My studio - the wonderful internationally acclaimed fetish model and Mistress, Jean Bardot!


During Her time in Sydney, We had a couple of really lovely dinner dates and hung out a little in between Her appointments - but surely the best fun We had was a great session with a rubber slave we share!


And... I recently had the photos from that very session fall into My hands - here are a couple of them to whet your appetite! ;)






This lucky slave is clad in latex I've personally designed and created in My rubber workshop! He's snug in My heavy rubber straight jacket and inflatable latex bodybag - lucky boy! And with the two of Us attending to him in his "hour of need", what could be sexier?


Yeah okay, I think "more rubber" too! But THAT will have to wait 'til next time for this slave - and until next time I show My lucky followers more shots from My latex sessions!




Be shiny if you can't be good...




Uber Under 30's workshop a great success!

Hi A/all!

Yesterday for the first time Uber presented one of their famous BDSM Bonanzas to the Sydney Under 30's Bdsm kink social group! I've participated in a number of Uber's Bonanzas before, presenting on a diverse range of topics such as Sensory Deprivation and Electrical play - but this time I was asked to talk on the basics of Bondage and Discipline!

 I had 40 young people at My whim to learn and expand their knowledge on B&D. We covered as diverse a range of topics as I could cater to in the short period of time; to discuss Bondage I did demos on mummification, Shibari and My straight jacket proved to be lots of fun for all! (I put a few people in it after the workshop!) I discussed Discipline in two broad streams; in terms of both traditional Corporal Punishment - percussion play; and the more subtle mental strengths of holding your own space in a scene, whatever scene it may be, and the virtues of the discipline of protocols. You all missed a lot if you weren't there!

I have another workshop on next month! It's one I've been looking forward to presenting and Miss Dee at Uber and I have been discussing it for ages! A latex clothing making workshop! I'm going to take the lucky participants through what I've leant in the last 6 years I've learnt in My time making rubber! I'll be letting people in on the tricks of the trade and how to make themselves simple pieces that they can actually wear to events. This workshop will be invaluable to those who like to make some basic gear for themselves! I'm not afraid of sharing My knowledge as the more people into rubber in the world - the better, I say!

The workshop is on Wednesday 28th July, called the "Latex - crafty "how to" Workshop." It costs $90 and the start time is 7.00pm. It will run for approx 3 hrs. Once registered, participants will be given the address of the venue. I plan to show people the basics and then help them to make a piece of rubber clothing to take home! Wow - you get to learn how to make a garment you get to take home! Excellent value!

Find the link to registration here on the Uber website if you want to come along!


Be well A/all - and be shiny!