I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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My 1st public Shibari performance - goes off! ;)

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010

Hi A/all!

Weeks ago the fantastic Matt Bylett from Matt Bylett Designs asked Me to be in his show for the Sydney Fringe Festival's "Lunamorph" at the Enmore Theatre. "Lunamorph" is an annual alternative fetish and gothic fashion show for local Sydney designers - of whom Matt is one.

Check his own latex fetish fashion website here...

Matt Bylett Designs

He asked Me to model his unique latex creations but... to also SUSPEND IN BONDAGE OFF THE STAGE RIGGING A PERSON WEARING ONE OF HIS DESIGNS - an amazing inflatable mermaid costume! Wow!

After thinking about it, I declined the offer to model so I could focus on hanging this amazing mermaid person in the sky! I love suspension bondage - but I know very well the issues of safety and comfort for the submissive - it's paramount!

So, working with the really co-operative riggers at the Enmore Theatre, I was able to suspend My friend Burlesque fetish performer Audrey off the rig really high up - 4m in the air! She was tied in a standing position with arms free but under the mermaid tail were a sequence of ropes at knees and thighs to keep her up and stable...

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010

I used black 6mm and 7mm hemp for the lines and scarlet 6mm hemp for the body harness. I didn't follow anyone else's pattern; I just made it up after a couple of run throughs, made sure Audrey was comfortable and then just made the whole tie as stable as possible. The most stressful thing was having to tie her legs and the suspension lines behind the stage screen while other performances were going on - in the dark!!! Oh, that and the fact she was so damn high that if anything went wrong it could REALLY go wrong!

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010I think it looked fantastic! I was really proud as, apart from doing a show with Matt Bylett who is an amazing artist, I did My very first public Shibari performance! I do this sort of tying nearly every day in My sessions but it's different to have to produce an aesthetic and safe tie on demand under really trying circumstances.

There are also painfully few FEMALE Shibari riggers performing around the world. In fact, I can only think of one woman doing this style of show on a regular basis and that is the fantastic Satomi Tokyo Love Doll, from whom I've learnt A LOT of My rope skills. さとみさん、どうもありがとうございました!:)

Suspended... 4m in the air? WOW!

Be shiny and, if you can't be shiny - be ropey!



My video banned from You Tube? What's so wrong with a little leather?

Hi again!

So it seems that  not only the nude body - but also the FULLY CLOTHED body is contraband on You Tube these days!

I was online last night checking out the "Booted Up" Blog of Boot Lady Teri - one half of Bootlovers.com! She was blogging that YouTube.com has barred a video of Me, fully clad in leather and boots, doing nothing other than walking around, from their site. The video was taken in the Bootlovers.com "Boot Barn", where DJ from Bootlovers shoots for the site for Edition #66 last year.

What's so pornographic about this video? Have a look for yourself and be the judge! I'm a big believer that we should trust ourselves and follow our intuition regarding our sexual expression, not judge ourselves instead as some people espouse! This video shows nothing "marginal", forget obscene.

It appears I've been judged in the negative!

What do people think? Should public access be so tightly controlled that a video such as Mine is considered porn?

If anyone is interested, Boot Lady Teri's blog can be found here with another link to the video - see what all the fuss is about!

Boot Lady Teri's Booted Up Blog!

Sweet dreams in leather!



Back in Sydney, back at sessions, back in boots!

Hi A/all!

I'm back from interstate from time with my family and in Sydney taking on sessions again!

Here's a little bit of a video teaser from My appearance in the latest edition of Bootlovers.com! That's Me in My studio in My 12" heeled 7" platform black patent leather crotch boots! :)

I do sound rather official, don't I? Telling you all how it is that we must "train ourselves as fetishists into our corsets and boots"! I can be such a dame at times! She does love her rubber and boots!

I do get a lot of comments about these boots though - with many people asking how I can possibly walk in them...?

Here's a hint - see Me walk in them in the video! ;)

Enjoy and see you all sooner for more rubber fun...



Taking some time off for family matters...

Hi A/all!

Wondering why I'm a bit quiet online at the moment? No Tweets, no Facebook, no new nothing?

Since Monday 16th August, I've been called interstate for urgent family matters. As many of you know, I'm still answering My phone between the hours of 10am and 9pm AEST but I am a little less available than normal

Never fear, I will be back in Sydney and available for sessions from Wednesday the 25th August!

See you all then for more rubber fun! Meanwhile, you all can enjoy the new shots of Me in Bootlovers.com number 69! ;)




I'm in Bootlovers.com again! No #69 - see My 12" Heels!

Hi A/all!


The new Bootlovers.com is finally online! Edition 69# features yours truly yet again - in TWO pairs of My favourite and decidedly most extreme boots!


This edition features My 12" heeled 7" platform, black patent leather crotch boots AND My custom made, black patent leather, lace-up crotch high ballets - wearing My own rubber and tightlaced in leather of course! Phew - what to wear!


Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com


This time what I've done for Bootlovers is a bit more special - TWO galleries for each of these amazing boots, instead of My regular offering of only one...


In the first gallery I'm shot on site at Soul Focus Studio by the fantastic Luke Messerer. It's here we developed the great rubber shoot newest to My website with the 12" heeled boots! We also shot a softer sweeter shoot more burlesque in style with My ballet boots too!


The second shoot for each pair was done by DJ himself from Bootlovers.com on his most recent trip to Austalia! Naturally, I had to wear yet more different rubber outfits though... What more could you want?!


If you want to check out the rest of My Bootlovers.com galleries, go get them here...


I hope you all enjoy the view and I'll see you all a new shoot again sooner... ;)


Best - in boots yet again!