Welcome to My Site

I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney with over 18yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My private studio close to the Sydney CBD.

I'm also a BDSM Educator, performer and member of the international leather community.


I'm in the fetish editions of Australian Penthouse, speak on Triple J's "The Hook Up", feature on ABC TV on "You Can't Ask That". I'm the Australian Adult Industry Award Winner "Best for Fantasy and Fetish" in 2017.


Please note PHONE is My preferred form of contact, both for expediency and qualitative interaction.


+61 420 879 204

Email: themistress@


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Shibari Bondage Training Classes

Professional Mistress Training

and Couples BDSM Training:


Many people ask Me whether I provide "training" or private classes outside the workshops I facilitate.

People want to benefit from My skills as a Dominatrix and Bondage Artist in a one-on-one or small group context, instead of at an impersonal public event or club.

In response, I now offer two different streams of training:

"Shibari Bondage Classes" and

"Couples BDSM Training"

All training sessions are conducted in My Leichhardt studio, 10-15min from the Sydney city.

My time for this style of interaction is $150 per hour.

For those interested in becoming a Professional Mistress, please refer to the paragraph at the bottom of this page.


Shibari Training:

My time for this style of interaction is $150 per hour, maximum 2 people.

I have trained under some of the best Nawashi and Shibari practicioners in the world. Satomi, Osada Steve, Arisue Go, Kinoko Hajime have all assisted Me with My rope in My studio. I've also "hung" with Esinem, Lee Harrington, Midori, Dasniya Somner, David Lawrence and done the Shibaricon pilgrimage.

I practise shibari everyday of My life - just like My aikido. I have formed My own style based on My training in Takemusu Aikido which brings a circular celerity to My movement and a martial percussivity to My approach. 

I can assist you with the basics of starting to tie rope, through chest harnesses, to partial and full suspension. I can also advise you on aesthetics and sensibilities that may accent your rope and enrich it, as it has Mine.

Please note, I do not copy other Nawashi's chest harnesses and box ties and learn them to perfection. I have decided to break away from schools filled with those who need to be told what to do to experience creativity and espouse a more organic, non-rote, composite learning style that is empirical and heuristic. Yes, I too started in these places - but I've graduated somewhat from that level. Come meet Me to experience what I mean. 

I try to never tie two takate gote the same. It's not what rope is about for Me. Rope is about new potentials - just like a wrapped up up hank of rope, not going over the same parts of your brain again and again and again...

Couples Training:

My time for this style of interaction is $150 per hour, maximum 4 people.

Do you both want to explore BDSM but don't know where to start?

One is established in your identity somewhat, but the other is new to BDSM games?

Do you both want to deepen what you already share - or develop a shared interest?

I can take you both there in a safe, clean, supportive environment.

I can tutor you in topics like:

  • Rope and other forms of bondage
  • Impact play including spanking, flogging, caning, etc.
  • Needleplay
  • Anal play and fisting
  • Electrical Play - TENS machine or Violet Wand
  • Constructing a scene that flows
  • Health and Safety, First Aid

If there is something you don't see here on this list above - please know it's not exhaustive! Just inquire to Me about your interests and we can plan a training schema tailored just for you.


Professional Mistress Training:

The fantasy of being a Pro Domme and the reality of being one are very different.

A traineeship is a 2 year contact with Me. If you want to skill up in one of the most intriguing of the sexual art forms, a firm commitment is the first thing you'll need to make, even to just give yourself time to settle into the role.

There are necessities to our relationship you need to understand before you even commence your traineeship. In addition to this, hours of unpaid session cameos and many boring hours of cleaning await you.

All potential trainees require:

  • An established identity
  • An online website with blog
  • Recent fetish/kink related photo sets - online
  • Prior experience in the sex industry is good but not always advantageous

You will need to commit upwards of 20hrs unpaid work per week, initially. 

I frequently receive emails from women asking to be trained to operate in My industry. I take what I do seriously and I have worked darn hard over the last 15yrs to reach the level I am at now. If you want to follow Me, know it's a long road ploughed with passion, skill and hard work - not sitting around reading magazines waiting for clients to roll in offering you money for looking attractive in leather and acting bitchy. (Perhaps this is a slave's fantasy, not Mistress' reality?)

Write Me an email and we can discuss the topic of becoming My trainee.