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I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney with over 18yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My private studio close to the Sydney CBD.

I'm also a BDSM Educator, performer and member of the international leather community.


I'm in the fetish editions of Australian Penthouse, speak on Triple J's "The Hook Up", feature on ABC TV on "You Can't Ask That". I'm the Australian Adult Industry Award Winner "Best for Fantasy and Fetish" in 2017.


Please note PHONE is My preferred form of contact, both for expediency and qualitative interaction.


+61 420 879 204

Email: themistress@


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Latex Workshop for Schwelle Sun 29th June

Feel like getting all rubbery with Me?Hi A/all!

I'm back from a quick break over the weekend to be on the workshop trail once more - in between My many sessions!

This Sunday I'm presenting 'Latex: The Initiation' for Schwelle Sydney. I've presented this workshop twice previously at the Sydney Xplore Festival and in Melbourne at 'Eagle Leather' to fabulous success!

The workshop is from 6pm for 2hrs this Sunday 29th June. Tickets are $40 full price and $20 for concession and members

It's a little bit more complex than your ordinary rubber workshop... ;)

"As many of you know, I believe that latex is not just a fabric for sexy clothing that we see in kinky stores! Dressing and playing in rubber can be transformative, engendering highly stimulating, sensory experiences and the possibility of exploring new erotic personas.

At its highest vibration, it can be conducive to altered states and transcendence. Latex can also have deeply spiritual fetishistic properties not immediately perceived to the uninitiated."

I've always wanted to communicate the more esoteric aspects of rubber play - so I created a workshop about it!

This workshop is unique as attendees get a chance to wear latex and experiment a little, up to experiencing rubber restriction under My direction. It's a great practical workshop to break the ice if you've always been interested in rubber but not known quite where to start!

If you're interested in a booking, please find the registration link below on the Try Booking banner...


Schwelle Sydney is "a sanctuary for those who wish to explore the thresholds between Sexuality, Body Research, Philosophy and BDSM." (in German: "Schwellen") 

Schwelle is the Sydney chapter of the German group by the same name, founded in Berlin by Felix Ruckert. The Australian group is headed by Dr Peter Banki and meets in a private venue in Bondi on a regular basis. Dr Banki is also a driving force behind the Xplore Festival, the fourth incarnation of which is to be held in Melbourne this November.

Curious about other happenings and events at Schwelle? Have a look at their full site below by clicking on the banner link...

Click on the banner to go to the Schwelle site...

I've been so busy recently I've been having trouble keeping My own head abreast of all the things I do! So, I decided to create a new web page on My site here dedicated simply to where I am going to be next and when!

The page is called 'Appearing' and details in simple list form My next engagements - what, who and where! The page works in conjunction with My blog where I always post about My next activities, giving a future list of the places I'll be educating and performing.

If you see I'll be in your town and wish to discuss a session, be in touch!

My 'Appearing' page is different from 'Travel' as it details where I'll be presenting and performing with details for ticket purchase. 'Travel' page lists where I'll be geographically for sessions, as well as when I'm NOT available due to holiday travel.

Phew... It's always great to be busy - just the way I like it! :D




Amazing new shoot with Soul Focus Studio!

Lucas Messerer from Soul Focus Studio have been at it again... 

...and this time (as threatened) with a new pair of boots!

We decided to hit the industrial area of Marrickville a couple of Sundays ago - this is what we came up with...

I had the luck of finding yet another fab pair of fetish boots to add to My already excellent collection the other day! Thigh-high, lace-up, black patent leather with a 9 inch heel, 4 inch platform, made by the now defunct "Little Shoe Box" of the UK. They seem to have barely been worn - and they fit PERFECTLY!!

Needless to say, I'm a very happy person! So, we thought we'd share the love and show you how we feel!

How classic are these shots! We started in the late afternoon and, once we hit speed, didn't want to stop! (We only *did* stop because we ran out of batteries... Lol)

I had a laced on latex outfit that I'd made ages ago and had worn only a couple of times, paired with My INFAMOUS mega-tits and the ubiquitous fishnet and we were running hot! I had a cape and wide rubber swing skirt too, just to keep that heavy rubber look mixed with a dash of femme...

Luke had the amazing idea of using these vintage sunglasses I've had stashed for ages in My large collection of everything... and the rest is history!

Want to check out more of what Luke has been up to in Australia before he runs off overseas to Europe again?

Please view his amazing collection of fetish photographs of many different Dominas, as well as Australian and international kink personalities!

Click on the banner to go to the Soul Focus Studio site!Thanks again, Luke - YOU ARE AMAZING!! :D



New Shoot with Warped Photography!

Hi A/all!

Whoa! What a high note to end a long year! Check these amazing pictures of a recent shoot of Myself and friend by Wayne Henry from "Warped Photography" in Perth W.A!

Taken on a hot, windy, dusty, dry salt lake in Rockingham one Saturday, we battled all the stuff you DON'T want in a shoot. HOT, yes - but literally - under the W.A sun? It was blowing a gale, the sand was breaking under My 12" heels causing Me to constantly lose My balance and we were sweating like total bastards - but people, check the results!

Wayne lent Me this amazing **inflatable transparent glitter green latex** outfit by "Pretty Pervy Latex" for this particular look. Gasp!!

I said to Wayne once we got started out there in the elements that we weren't going to stop shooting until we got a tonne! It took too darn long to get into all that rubber out there, then to do it in a harsh OZ environment and shoot only a couple of looks? Not on My shift! ;)

Here I am holding My horns because that was the only way to keep the f*ckers under control. I'm sitting down - not because I'm "tired" - but because of the freakin' wind resistance. And I'm wearing TWO corsets because we couldn't get My tightlacing leather one off due to the everything being too darn hard to manage. Thankyou.

I haven't had the pleasure of working with another model for far too long! Here's a lady (who respectfully will remain nameless here) who was a great sport and tolerated My swanning over her, a bit of gas mask play and Me tying her up in My red rope! Not bad for an afternoon's efforts... (Thanks for being so great to work with babe - you rocked! xoxoxo)

Click on the banner to go to the Warped site!

Wayne really smashed this shoot! We had only shot once before for Bootlovers.com a couple of years back and I'm so happy we were able to shoot again in the short space of time I had to offer while in Perth.

Yes, there ARE many more pics from this shoot to come, this is just a taste! I'll release them in in the new year as they become available. Stay tuned people...

Want to check out more of Warped's work? Click on the banner above to go to his site...

Let it be known, I've been called a "trooper" when I've been rubbered up before - and more than once!! ;)

See you sooner, shinier!



Profiled & on cover of Dutch mag "Massad"

Click on the cover to go to the Massad site!

Hi A/all!

I've been so busy the last 2wks I've not been able to keep up with My blogging - phew! It's the end of the year and everyone needs some face time with Me! :) Throw into that a little bit of interstate travel last weekend for family matters and I'm >>nearly<< rubbered out - particularly if you saw any of the shots of My weekend! (Yes, THOSE pictures will be coming very very soon..!)

This is most most certainly worth blogging about, though...

I'm on the cover and featured in an article on Soul Focus Studio and Myself in Dutch magazine Massad, shot by the inimitable Lucas Messerer himself!

Those who follow My life will no doubt recognize the covershot above as part of a set we cooked up a few months ago! There are a number of full page images - of Me as well as other fetish models Luke has shot.

I'd include some of the article here, but it's in Dutch! It talks a little about each of us and the wonderful creative relationship we've enjoyed for the last 5 years! (I'd certainly love to have any Dutch-speaking people who follow this blog give Me a translation, please!) 

If you wish to buy an online or hard copy of Massad, click on the covershot above to go to their website!

The photo above from our seminal shoot at the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park features prominently in the magazine... How could you forget it?

Living in Australia could be seen to limit your opportunites if one was located any closer to London, LA or NY - or does it? I don't seem to be having any trouble attracting a fair bit of attention... ;)

Want to see what other magic Luke Messerer has been shooting recently? Click on the black and white image below to see his new work at his website...

Click on the image to go to the Soul Focus Site...

Best, on My very first magazine cover!



Shots of recent sessions! (& Electro CBT, btw...)

Hi E/everyone!

I realized the other day that I've been posting about some great things recently; My amazing Sydney Ms Leather 2012 title, travel to SF and Japan, My workshops at Sydney Xplore festival, a heavy rubber photo shoot with Soul Focus Studio, etc. but that it's been a positive AGE since I actually posted any shots of what I do 6 days a week when I'm not doing all THOSE things - My sessions!! :D

I had a lovely long term slave come in the other day. We hadn't seen each other for a while due to his moving to the country for work. I decided to tie him down so I could keep him where I wanted him instead of him running off again! Three layers of bondage incorporating rope, rubber, leather AND mummification and I was sure that he wouldn't be going anywhere! And, knowing Me, there was some electrical CBT involved thrown in for discipline...

It's a pity you can't see My fabulous "Deep Throat" electrical device in use here - I'll keep that between Myself and My slave, but I can report it's like being grabbed and pulsed to your limit - and beyond! :)

Not all My sessions involve latex and electrical CBT you know - but gosh darn I like it!

My next slave (pictured above and below) has been under My wing for over 7 years now. Not My longest standing slave by all means, but one of the few in OZ. We've finessed our session to a tee, with occasional forays into more intense torture and penetrative play. We came up with the random idea to use docking rings on his balls and I decided that that should most rightly be paired with, ah - more darn electrical torture! Surprise!

I tied him into the strenuous position above and then stuffed one of My favourite (electrical!) toys up his ass, a totally fabulous big black cock. It pulsed in and out of him **most pornographically** while I pushed him to take the "ghost f#cking" program on My Eros Tek 312B. He could see it moving, too... Yay!

My last slave here particularly likes GS. I find them most edifying - although I don't do so many of them these days. I particularly like them paired with rubber though - and My slave begged Me for some champagne since I hadn't rewarded him with a taste in so long...

..so I tied him so he'd "receive all and not spill a drop" - while I pumped the GS into BOTH his rear AND his mouth! you beg for GS? you gets it! lol My enema gear is not shown in the photo, but the ubiquitious funnel is in pride of place, where it goes, in one's mouth... ;)

Enjoy the shots and see you all under My boots, no doubt sooner!