Welcome to My Site

I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney with over 18yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My private studio close to the Sydney CBD.

I'm also a BDSM Educator, performer and member of the international leather community.


I'm in the fetish editions of Australian Penthouse, speak on Triple J's "The Hook Up", feature on ABC TV on "You Can't Ask That". I'm the Australian Adult Industry Award Winner "Best for Fantasy and Fetish" in 2017.


Please note PHONE is My preferred form of contact, both for expediency and qualitative interaction.


+61 420 879 204

Email: themistress@


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My Session Interests:

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio

My best sessions are intuitive, intense and creative - regardless of the extremity of the activities.

I've been told countless times it's the way I connect and am genuinely engaged in session that sets Me above the rest.

Are you searching for an intense experience where the psychic energy in the room is almost tangible..?

Regarding activities, although I have diverse interests I'd definitely describe Myself as a Bondage Top with a strong sadistic streak!

I relish also incorporating CBT, NT, WS, latex, slave training, fetish, medical, leather, torture, anal play, spanking, corporal punishment, caning, martial arts, takedown and a host of other interests into session, too. I like to tie slaves, then mix torture and pleasure!

My raison d'etre is simply to enjoy My sessions that develop your interests.

I champion those who find BDSM mentally stimulating, in addition to physically arousing.

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio, 2013

Devoted slaves can reap the benefit of My perverse "creativity" - with different angles on your favourite activities expanding experiences in new directions.

Expect your limits to be pushed by layers of intense sensation, twists in the scene or a sudden ramp up in intensity! Sessions can be subtle or dynamic, intently focussed or a mix of contrasts. I enjoy creating aesthetic and stylish scenes that harness an aspect of an activity to best savour it's attractions.

My solid professional experience enables Me to read a beginner's needs to guide them into more intense levels of play. I equally enjoy sessioning with seasoned, resolute players. Those who push boundaries with a willingness to experiment stimulate Me more than any extreme scene. your greatest desire can be a reward for an intense session, or used as a catalyst to take you to where you become more open to new things.

Although I can be strict in session, most find Me friendly, personal and sympathetic. I greatly respect the principles of traditional Female Domination, although I don't consider My style strictly traditional.

Whether a sensual play scene or punishment scenario, I create an atmosphere conducive to you expressing your desires with freedom, in a space where you have licence to explore your needs in a discreet, clean, well-equipped studio.



Please know that women are very welcome in My studio.

I have noticed over the last few years more women expressing interest in commercial sessions than ever before. In My opinion, this is a welcome sea change in the sex industry whether indicative of a shift in women's attitudes towards their sexuality and getting their individual needs met - or merely a developmental stage inspired by "50 Shades of Grey"! Regardless of the reason, women are more than welcome to apporach Me to session.

Please feel free to email or call Me to discuss your needs and I'll respond your individual desires to craft an unique session experience for you.


My interests:

One thing I'm often asked - so much so I'm making mention of it here - is whether I enjoy lighter sessions or ones that DON'T involve latex and leather...

The answer, is YES! I enjoy PLAYING, whether light or heavy! It's the connection and exchange between us that I feed off, not just extreme activities!

I also make My own latex clothing and gear. Therefore, many of My outfit choices for photoshoots reflect the whole scope of My creativity, not just what I want to wear in session or what sessions I want to do.

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio, 2013

Bondage: It's at the top for a reason!

Rope, leather, chain, tape, mummification, saran wrap, straightjackets, posture collars, mitts, latex body bags, vac beds. Japanese Shibari Bondage, enclosure, suspension and predicament bondage scenes are a personal favourite.


CBT: I love being creative down here!

(Cock & ball torture) from light sensation to rigorous torture. Branding, bondage, castration, caning, catheters, chastity, cuckolding, electrical torture, orgasm control, piercing, sensation play, shaving, sounds, vacuum play, wax play, weight training, ball nailing.


Nipple torture: Just an extension of your c*ck, right?

Clamps, piercing, sensation play, stretching, wax play, weights, etc. 


Anal play: Not much gets Me off more!

Toys, strap-on, fisting, double fisting, triple fisting, prostate massage, prostate milking, enemas.


Fetishes: I am such an avowed fetishist...

Latex, rubber, leather, smoking, boots, shoes, corsets, gloves, stockings, stilettos, reftism, foot fetish.

Mistress Tokyo by Warped Photography, 2012

WS & BS (Watersports & Brown Showers): Hot, wet and sexy!

Erotic and sexy or filthy and dirty! I genuinely enjoy intense play in these areas. BS scenes are natural.


Humiliation: I get a massive buzz out of getting inside your head!

Subtle or intense, verbal or physical. face-slapping, spitting, difficult bondage positions, forced cross dressing, CFNM.


Medical scenes: Malpractice, anyone?

Enemas, catheters, suturing, invasive examinations, shock therapy, oxygen therapy, electrical sounds, vibrating sounds, needle play, saline infusions and injections.

Discipline & CP: I love to deliver incisive discipline!

OTK spanking with leather gloves, punishment with the Tawse, Cane, Strap, Paddle, Hairbrush or Singletail administered by Aunty, Mummy, Governess or Headmistress.

 Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio, 2013 

Electrical torture/E-stim: One of My favourite toys...

With My Erostek 312B or My Violet Wand.


Breath play: I love it when you are THIS vulnerable!

Queening, gasmasks, rebreather bags, breathplay hoods, “oxygen therapy”.


Sensory deprivation: ...so I can focus your mind on My needs.

Blindfolds, gags, earplugs, hoods, masks.


Needle play: Each needle marks a moment in time...

Play piercing, permanent piercing, ball nailing, light semi-permanent cutting scenes.


Slave training: you have been warned.

I do not take on “house slaves”. Service to Me is a session in itself, only available in a regular appointment. I am unfailingly rigorous to those who wish to become a “personal slave”. Expect no mercy as I have little time and less patience. 

 Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio, 2013

Roleplay: I feed on being really dynamic here...

Take down, kidnappings and military-style interrogations are a favourite! Other scenarios are Governess/Naughty schoolboy, Nurse/patient, Secretary/employee, CFNM, etc. 


Physical scenes: I am physically strong and a skilled martial artist.

Trampling, ball busting, ball kicking, martial arts - esp. Aikido.


Body modification: I love changing you so fundamentally

Corset and boot training, ballet boot training, permanent body piercing. 


Branding: Ouch! ;)

Light semi-permanent strike branding, permanent strike branding.


XD/Crossdressing: Want to be Mistress's bitch?

Partial to full transformation in lingerie, latex or leather.

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio 2011


I DON'T cater to AB, baby, infantilism or roman showers.

I DON'T Switch or sub.

I DON'T session completely or partially nude.

I DON'T cater to scenes with sexual content. Please note this includes Body Worship.

I'm a specialist in BDSM play - this is where My skillset lies. I'll not have My sessions diluted with activities I regard as having a lesser value in this paradigm.

Sessions involving castration are PLAY scenes only. Emails requesting REAL castration will somehow find their way to My spam folder.

To date, I have not ever needed a house or personal slave. Do not anticipate to inspire Me so much as to be the exception.