Welcome to My Site

I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney with over 18yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My private studio close to the Sydney CBD.

I'm also a BDSM Educator, performer and member of the international leather community.


I'm in the fetish editions of Australian Penthouse, speak on Triple J's "The Hook Up", feature on ABC TV on "You Can't Ask That". I'm the Australian Adult Industry Award Winner "Best for Fantasy and Fetish" in 2017.


Please note PHONE is My preferred form of contact, both for expediency and qualitative interaction.


+61 420 879 204

Email: themistress@


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Session Styles & Rates: 

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio 2009

Sessions - Light to Medium:

  • 30min - $250
  • 1hr - $350
  • 90min - $450
  • 2hr - $600
  • 2.5hr - $700
  • 3hr - $800


 Sessions - Heavy:

  • 1hr - $400
  • 90min - $500
  • 2hr - $650


  • BS scenes - $350/30mins, $450/1hr*


 Sessions - other styles:

  • Outcalls - $490 for the 1st hr, $400 every hr after
  • Phone sessions - $60 for 20mins 
  • Skype sessions - $100 for 20mins


Booking a session:

  • All sessions must be confirmed (at the latest) 1hr before O/our appointment
  • I take bookings Monday to Saturday, 10am to 9pm
  • Sessions are strictly on an “appointments only” basis
  • Same-day and short notice bookings are possible but never guaranteed
  • I don't see new slaves same day after sundown
  • Extended sessions, scenes with multiple players and BS require a deposit as a session confirmation
  • Inform Me if you have a specific outfit/look in mind. Full latex incurs an additional tribute
  • I do not prefer outcalls. I consider them only to slaves with whom I am already familiar

* All first time BS slaves pay a deposit to guarantee My time. I've a variety of payment vehicles available to assist you to get your deposit tribute to Me before confirmation. All BS sessions must confirm 24hrs before the appointment. This is non-negotiable, no exceptions.

Extended or overnight sessions:

Overnight sessions are constant play, generally 10 to 14hrs duration. Know that neither of U/us will need sleep during this period. you will not go the distance. I am the stronger.

Do you dare? Many can't.

"Going to dinner" first before an overnight scene is a nice idea, but it bores Me. I'd rather be in session with you.

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio, 2013

Special "Consummate" sessions:

Are you interested in a experience above the everyday session? Do you deserve that little bit more of My energy than the others? Do you want to finally find out how far you can go?

I've been told countless times it's the way I connect and am genuinely engaged in session that sets Me above the rest. Are you searching for an intense experience where the psychic energy in the room is almost tangible?

Perhaps you are looking for a "consummate" experience…

Consummate Latex sessions:

I'm a genuine rubber fetishist; I don't just dress in it because I think it looks good on Me. If you've NOT ever had a transcendental, transporting, mind-altering rubber transformation, then you haven't met Me in session - yet. 


"The Rubber Onslaught!" Named after one of My favourite rubber-obsessed slaves! ;)

  • Myself for 1hr then with a sub for the 2nd hr
  • Full dressing experience, rubber bondage, invasive procedures
  • High level interaction with rubber submissive
  • $1000 2hrs


"Rubber Retreat": a durational experience 

  • Just Myself...
  • Full dressing experience, rubber bondage, invasive procedures
  • Long term supervised rubber bondage meditation
  • $1300 5hrs


Consummate Shibari sessions:

There are few in the world who have rope skills like I do. I'm always finessing My bondage, as My strongest skillbase and total passion. you'll understand when you meet Me in session. Come see why I'm above the rest with My rope.


"The Shibari Intensive": For somewhat experienced players with good fitness

  • May include martial style takedown, partial and full suspension, predicament bondage, stress positions
  • $650 2hrs 


"The Consummate Shibari Experience": For experienced players, with good fitness.

  • May include martial style takedown, partial and full suspension, predicament bondage, stress positions
  • $900 3hrs


Consummate Medical sessions:

I excel in medical scenes. As a physician I'm professional, direct and compassionate - until you're tied up.

I'm happiest as the unhinged Surgeon who favours their own breed of experimental procedures, or when you've been mis-diaognosed as a psychotic mental patient requiring extreme restraint, pre-emptive sedation and invasive shock therapy. Combine this with latex, My vintage medical Humane Restraints in a duration scene and I'm a very content person.

NB: I prefer to play these roles instead of the pretty rubber clad nurse - I tend to save that guise for shorter, "erotic" scenes. 


"Invasive Procedures": for players with curiosity for more intense medical scenes

  • May include procedures such as enemas, rectal catheterization, needling, suturing, saline injections, saline infusion, skin stapling, urinary catheterization, et al.
  • $650 2hrs


"Extended Invasive Therapy": for players with excellent experience in specific medical scenes

  • May include procedures such as latex, durational restraint, enemas, rectal catheterization, needling, suturing, saline injections, saline infusion, skin stapling, urinary catheterization, et al.
  • $1100 4hrs


Looking for something even more intense than seeing Me alone?

I have a number of professional and private players at My disposal, all with different looks, experience and skills. If you have a fantasy with multiple people I can easily find another for us to play with!

Tributes for sessions with other players are decided on time and intensity, as well as the other's individual tribute.

I regularly session with...

  • Another Mistress or Master
  • A female or male submissive
  • A female or male voyeur/s
  • One of My personal slaves

I can also provide pictures of potential submissives to "inspire you"...

Sessions of this nature do require lead time to organize - please consider this when contacting Me. 

Sessions with couples:

I'm more happy to see couples, whether both are sub or one Dom/me and one sub.

Please know I always talk with both parties individually before W/we commence. I don't discriminate on gender or sexual orientation.

These sessions attract an additional tribute between $50 - $200 dependent on power dynamics, in addition to the baseline tribute for My time.



I do not socialize with My professional slaves.

I don't take on house or personal slaves for extended periods at “special rates”. Serving Me as a personal slave is a session in itself. you will pay to clean My toilet. you are expected to prove yourself worthy to earn the position. Know I’ll show you utterly no compassion.

Do not ask Me to consider you to become My personal slave. I'm of the most firm belief that if you feel you could even ask to become My slave, that you don't possess the quality of submission I require to serve Me, baseline. I'll also know you've not been thorough and genuine in your submission to Me - even in abstract - if you ask, as I'll know you've not bothered to read My site to THIS point. Caveat emptor.

All sessions proceed at My discretion. you will have the gift of My presence until I no longer need or am bored with you.


Asking whether My prices are negotiable attracts genuine derision.

Mistress Tokyo by Warped Photography 2012