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I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney Australia with over 14yrs experience in BDSM.

I conduct sessions in My own studio close to the Sydney CBD.

All the info you need about Me is here, whether booking your first session or simply finding out what I've been up to...

Aside from being a Pro Domme, I'm a kink educator and performer. I make latex for Myself and My studio.

I'm involved in My community through ACON, convene the "Sydney Fetish League" and My monthly rope group, "Rope Flow" which raises money for "Twenty 10". I am "Sydney Ms Leather" 2012. I also cover the local Australian scene for thefetishistas.com (UK). 

My photos have been published internationally in mags like "Heavy Rubber", "Skin Two", "Massad", "DDI", "Von Gutenburg Magazine" and I've appeared many times on Bootlovers.com.

My site is the best point of contact in between O/our sessions, so enjoy - until I next see you at My boots...


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+61 420 879 204




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I'm in Bootlovers.com No #71 wearing My 9" Heel Black Thigh Boots!

Bootlovers.com Issue #71

I'm back featured in Bootlovers.com again!

Issue number 71# just came online last week and I'm in full coverage black leather with a favourite pair of 9" heeled 4" platform thigh high black leather boots by The Little Shoe Box! If there are still people out there who think I'm strictly a latex Mistress, you obviously haven't seen My wardrobe in it's entirety! :D

Those of you who follow My blog here know that last time I went to Perth in January I shot a couple of great sets with the fantastic Wayne Henry from Warped Photography! I told you a couple of posts ago that I might be able to show you a couple more shots - so here they are! Have a tease of what's in store in the new edition of Bootlovers.com!

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped PhotographyThere's only a precious number of shots this time so I know you'll enjoy every one of them! I was able to indulge one of My favourite pastimes in this shoot too - wearing a full hood in public! This leather hood was made by friends of Mine George and Anna at Northbound Leather in Toronto. Many thanks go to them for their excellent custom work and beautiful leather!

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped PhotographyI simply couldn't believe how amazing this blue toned lighting was - Wayne did a fantastic job with only ambient light and a flash pack! Wow! I just love seeing black leather turn this amazing colour - it looks like armour! How then it changed again with a flick of a light to a warm butter colour against the old sandy walls of the GPO in Perth City's Forrest Chase…

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped Photography

This is not the only set we shot so keep your eyes peeled because we might just release some more in the not too distant future!

Wayne Henry from Warped PhotographyIf you want to see what Wayne from Warped Photography in Perth has been up to recently, check his site on the link above...

Back again, in fabulous boots and luxurious black leather! ;)


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